About us

Iftin Charter School is a caring centered elementary school (K-8) that involves members of students’ families and communities as partners in the circle of education, both inside and outside of the classrooms.

Students and their families distinguish Iftin as a place with highly qualified and dedicated teachers who put an emphasis on character building and creating successful lifelong learners.

Mission Vision

Iftin Charter School’s mission is simple: Iftin Charter School (ICS) provides students in grades K-8 an academically rigorous common core-aligned curricula supplemented with a technology intensive program in a student centered, safe and caring learning environment. ICS will address the needs of a diverse group of students, their families and their communities by building on the strengths of the students’ cultural heritage and life experiences. ICS students will be educated and enlightened to become successful, lifelong learners and valuable members of the global community.

ICS envisions providing a strong educational foundation to all students who are in need of direction and support in learning English and finding their way in a new culture.

The administration and faculty use data from the California Standards Tests and other assessments to make decisions about curriculum and instruction. This data also informs the professional development plan for departments and teachers.


Amal Hersi


The Iftin Charter School (ICS) Board of Directors is pleased to announce the selection of Amal Hersi as the new Principal of ICS. This decision is effective immediately following the October 30, 2015 Board Meeting. Iftin Board of Directors took action in the Closed Session and announced their decision in the Open Session.

As advised previously, the Board worked through a process of ensuring the selection of a new Principal. The appointment process, led by a committee of five members consisting of a parent, senior staffer and three board members, was finalized and the full board voted to select Amal Hersi as our new Principal. Ms. Hersi has verbally accepted the position during the Board Meeting.

We were very fortunate and thankful to have had a good number of deserving and strong applicants to choose from while ensuring that we selected the right fit for Iftin Charter School. We thank each one those applicants for their interest in employment with ICS and advise them to consider other positions as they may become available in the future.

Amal has been with Iftin for more than seven years and wore different hats as she held different positions, most recently as Interim Principal. She has a Master’s Degree in Education and Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from San Diego State University. As an Interim Principal she secured a successful transition, supported her students and faculty, and prepared the 2015-16 school year successfully. She demonstrated a unique ability to connect and relate with her students, faculty, and community at large, without compromising her role as a leader of the school.

Iftin Board members, students, parents, and faculty have high hopes for future success, believe in excellence in learning, and understand that educating our students is our number one priority. Ms. Hersi will without a doubt be fulfilling their expectation by delivering the best possible education for each student, leading ICS faculty with excellence, and encouraging Iftin students to excel academically, behaviorally and socially.

Please join us in thanking Amal Hersi for her service and dedication to Iftin Charter School, and congratulate her on her new role. We are very fortunate to have Amal Hersi as the Principal of Iftin Charter School.

Thank you,

Abdulkarim Warsame

ICS Board of Directors, President

Iftin Charter School Philosophy

Iftin Charter School believes that all students are capable of learning and should be respectful of others in the learning process. In addition, ICS accepts that every person has something to contribute to society as a whole as well as to the task at hand. Therefore, respect and collaboration are at the center of the school’s educational philosophy. All students are expected to do their best to learn all they can to improve themselves while also supporting others by working collaboratively and with mutual respect.