Mission Statement

Iftin Charter School’s mission is simple: Iftin Charter School (ICS) provides students in grades K-8 an academically rigorous common core-aligned curricula supplemented with a technology intensive program in a student centered, safe and caring learning environment. ICS will address the needs of a diverse group of students, their families and their communities by building on the strengths of the students’ cultural heritage and life experiences. ICS students will be educated and enlightened to become successful, lifelong learners and valuable members of the global community.

ICS envisions providing a strong educational foundation to all students who are in need of direction and support in learning English and finding their way in a new culture.

Iftin Charter School Philosophy

Iftin Charter School believes that all students are capable of learning and should be respectful of others in the learning process. In addition, ICS accepts that every person has something to contribute to society as a whole as well as to the task at hand. Therefore, respect and collaboration are at the center of the school’s educational philosophy. All students are expected to do their best to learn all they can to improve themselves while also supporting others by working collaboratively and with mutual respect.


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