Parents Rights/ Responsibilities

Parents Have the Right to:

  • A free, quality education that honors their child’s learning and achievement
  • An education that prepares their child for college and 21st century careers
  • A welcoming environment that values family assets and contributions to learning
  • Know the school’s expectations, educational programs, policies and procedures
  • Translation services in order to communicate effectively with school staff
  • Their school’s Report Card to assess the quality of their child’s school
  • Information about their child’s progress and performance, intervention strategies and learning supports
  • Visit their child’s classroom and develop partnerships with teachers and staff
  • Learning opportunities so they can support education at home and at school
  • File a formal complaint when necessary, without fear of reprisal
Parents Have the Responsibility to:
  • Promote literacy, high achievement, and a love of learning at home
  • Ensure their child attends school every day, on time, and is ready to learn
  • Monitor and guide their child’s academic progress to ensure success
  • Seek tutoring and other learning supports for their child when needed
  • Explore all campus options and school choices available to their child
  • Conference with teachers and other school staff about their child’s education
  • Participate in school meetings and activities to be informed about the school
  • Express their level of satisfaction through the annual School Experience Survey
  • Provide pertinent information about their child as requested by the school
  • Advocate for their child’s education and for the school’s well-being


ICS encourages parents/ guardians and other members of the community to share their time, knowledge, and abilities with our students. Community volunteers in our schools enrich the educational program and strengthen our schools’ relationships with homes, businesses, public agencies, and private institutions. The presence of volunteers in the classroom and on school grounds also enhances supervision of students and contributes to school safety.




Welcome IFTIN families! We are dedicated to keeping the families of IFTIN connected with the latest resources and information needed to support your children’s education and lifelong success.


YOU ARE OUR PARTNERS. IFTIN and families are working together to ensure all students are college-prepared and career-ready. Together we can provide the support that leads to greater student learning, stronger families and successful communities.
To protect the safety of students and adults, all volunteers must submit evidence of a current negative tuberculosis test. Volunteers working with students who are not under the direct supervision of a certificated teacher must submit to fingerprinting, and criminal records checks. All volunteers shall follow school policies, procedures and school rules.

SARC 2015-16

SARC 2014-15

(hard copy is available upon request)


Iftin Charter is non-sectarian in all its programs, admission policies, employment practices and operations. Iftin does not discriminate against any pupil on the basis of ethnicity, national origin, gender or disability.