“I have the power to create a great life for myself.  My character is demonstrated through high personal and academic standards. I always behave in a way that brings me closer to my goals of success in college, career and life. I respect the individual differences in my school community. I follow the rules to keep my neighborhood safe and strong. To achieve my goals, I will follow the IFTIN Way of Integrity, Focus, Tolerance, Independence, and Nurturing.”

The IFTIN WAY is our code of conduct. All children and adults as well follow IFTIN WAY at all times at school. Every morning in Morning Assembly a student will give a 2 min. talk on the topic of the day.


• I have integrity and character. I do not lie, cheat, or steal.

• I treat my teachers with total respect and use a positive tone and body language when speaking with any adults on campus.

• I will start each day with good and wise choices and carry them throughout the day.

• I bring a positive attitude even if things don’t go my way or no one else is around.

FOCUS: (Tuesday)

• I SLANT (Sit up straight, Lean forward, Act interested, Nod my head, Track my teacher with my eyes).

• I pay attention in class and do my absolute best on all assignments.

• I come to class on time with all necessary materials.

• I never bring materials to school that may interfere with my learning and my cell phone is turned off during school hours.

• I will focus my talents in productive and prudent ways.

• I am aware of my progress and grades in each of my classes/subjects.

TOLERANCE: (Wednesday)

• I support and celebrate the achievements of others.

• I treat my classmates as I wish to be treated. I never bully, tease, gossip, laugh at, or put down others.

• I never engage in play fighting or games that involve hitting.

• I recognize that students have the right to be different from me.

• I seek to understand and respect people who are different than me.


• I am a positive role model for others.

• I will take responsibility to follow school policies and behave properly at all times.

• I take responsibility for my actions and accept my consequences without making excuses.

• I will not follow a crowd. I will make my own decisions and not allow others to influence me in a negative way.


• I seek to settle my disputes peacefully through discussion and involve adults when I need assistance.

• I will be considerate of everyone and their time.

• I will nurture my potential by being organized, punctual, a respectful participant in classroom discussions and lessons as well as in my community.

• I will nurture the potential in others by encouraging them to do their best at all times.

• I will show nurturing qualities in and outside of school by taking care of the environment.

• I will be a positive role model for others.

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